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Want to learn more about how other doctors and healthcare providers are using Medicai to save time, increase patient engagement, and more? Check out our library of case studies. 

Neuroaxis Optimizes Workflow and Patient Triage 


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Neuroaxis is the first fully integrated neurology clinic in Bucharest, where patients benefit from consultation, precision diagnosis, treatment, and constant monitoring.

The Neuroaxis team regularly collaborates with doctors and hospitals from Europe and the US. They faced challenges with the triage process, diagnosis time, determining when patients should come in for medical investigations, and getting patients to bring their medical records to their appointments. 

The clinic integrated Medicai directly with its website, facilitating the process for new leads and making patient data much more readily available, so they could make decisions about cases before physically receiving patients in the office. 

Key Results

A multidisciplinary teams of doctors collaborated on 1,350 medical cases. Thanks to Medicai, they could communicate easily,  and annotate the medical imaging right in the web app. Other key metrics include the following:

  • Reduced response time per patient from 4 days to 1 day
  • Decreased face-to-face check-ups for patients requiring medical imaging by almost 70%
  • Eliminated wrong referrals almost entirely 

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YTS DentalView Scales up and Automates a Multi-center Radiology Business

YTS DentalView is the first and largest network of digital dental imaging centers in Romania, setting the standard for services and access to equipment. The business had evolved to the point where it had outgrown the software capabilities of the dental imaging software used in each of its radiology centers and was in a position where all its patient data was siloed. YTS DentalView was also searching for an imaging platform to offer its network of over 5,000 doctors and 2 million patients.

YTS DentalView established a partnership with Medicai in 2020, allowing them to focus on scaling up the business, without worrying about the increased number of patients and volume of medical imaging data. 

Key Results

Staff used to manually assemble patients' studies and transmit the data via email or physical device (e.g., USB sticks, CDs, etc). Now the entire process is automated via Medicai. 

  • Retrieving patients' archived data now takes a few seconds, rather than 30-120 minutes. 
  • Efficiently integrated 10 radiology centers in the same imaging network. Adding new locations no longer has a technical bottleneck.


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Element Blue Automates Workflows and Streamlines Communication

Element Blue develops process automation and consumer engagement solutions for clients in healthcare, energy, and retail.  For twenty years, the company has helped healthcare providers and other enterprise companies across the globe compete and win with products from their industry partners: UiPath, Sitecore, Lucidworks, Amazon, IBM, and Medicai.

Element Blue was looking for solutions to enable remote work, external referrals, telemedicine, scaling of PACS systems and collaboration within healthcare workflows. 

Key Results

By integrating Medicai with their customers' infrastructure, Element Blue can quickly create automated workflows, innovative ways to collaborate in multidisciplinary teams and bridge communication gaps with patients:

  • Automated workflows integrate multiple imaging devices (MRI, CT, XRAY, etc) from multiple locations under the same organization. The innovative web plugin gets the medical files from your patients remotely.
  • Telehealth visits and virtual office visits are much easier, thanks to fast access to medical cases, along with features like video calls, improved triage, multidisciplinary network, patient archive, medical communication, payments, and many more.
  • All medical data is protected with granular access and built-in security, both on the infrastructure and on the web platform. The technology adheres to compliance standards such as HIPAA and GDPR.

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About the author - Andrei Blaj

Co-founder of Medicai, serial technology entrepreneur. Andrei has over 15 years of experience in healthcare & technology. He graduated in Computer Science with a specialization in Computer Vision & AI and started his first company in 2007 while still a student.
Andrei worked with and founded several healthcare technology startups. His expertise is at the intersection between deep technology and healthcare.