Top 22 Best DICOM Viewers Online in 2024, for Healthcare Professionals

What is DICOM?

DICOM, short for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine, revolutionizes how medical professionals handle medical images, also called DICOM images. This universal format enables viewing, storing, and sharing medical images across various locations and devices, provided they are in a DICOM format. To access these images, a specialized DICOM software also called Medical Imaging Viewer is essential. These viewers not only display the images but also manage critical patient information. They integrate seamlessly with large databases like Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), crucial for storing and interpreting patient imaging exams alongside their personal details.

Navigating the vast sea of DICOM viewers can be overwhelming. Choices range from free software versions to premium ones, catering to learners and seasoned experts alike. Each medical image viewer comes with unique features, system requirements, and additional capabilities. Our article aims to simplify your decision-making process by showcasing top-rated programs with standout features and value-packed pricing.

DICOM viewers vary in functionality and design. There are many free DICOM browsers out there on the market. Some are basic, offering viewing capabilities without advanced features like file sharing or archiving. Some have an integrated DICOM browser. Others allow converting images to formats like JPEG or GIF for educational use. Many clinics rely on these viewers for storing images on mini-PACS servers or send them to a decentralized cloud PACS, and some even offer advanced options like data anonymization, vital for clinical research.

Choosing the Right Viewer to view your DICOM images:

When selecting a viewer, consider these questions:

  • Do you need to install and maintain the program or is it an online DICOM viewer?
  • What will be the main use for the software?
  • Do you get customer and technical support or you're looking for a free DICOM software?
  • Does it need to export dicom files to other systems? To other formats like jpeg or gif? Do you use other image formats?
  • Do you need to print dicom images?
  • Which operating system do you use? Will it be Windows, Linux, Mac, Mobile?
  • Are multiple devices part of your workflow?
  • What extra features do you need from your DICOM software?
  • How important are PACS integration and data storage? How large is your dicom library and how fast do you need access to it?

With these factors in mind, our list of top DICOM viewers is designed for easy installation and user-friendly operation. Dive into our curated selection and find the perfect tool to enhance your medical imaging experience today!

Choose a free DICOM Viewer from the top 22 below:

1. Medicai for your Dicom files:

Medicai Logo

Rating (5/5) from Capterra:   

Medicai's dicom application emerges as a standout choice in DICOM viewers, uniquely integrated with a secure, compliant cloud infrastructure for image data management. It facilitates efficient data handling and analysis of medical images, offering a user-friendly interface with advanced software functionalities. Medicai's viewer enables detailed examination across various medical image formats. It features advanced image processing, allowing users to adjust brightness, contrast, and apply filters with ease. Additionally, Medicai connects to a Cloud PACS, providing a software platform for secure global sharing and storage of medical images. This technology, eliminating the need for physical storage, enables faster image and files retrieval and supports remote collaboration, proving invaluable for telemedicine and cross-facility consultations. Medical professionals, no matter if they are doctors or medical students can test it below: 

2. RadiAnt Dicom Viewer

Radiant Logo

Rating (4.4/5) from Softpedia:

Radiant viewer shines as a straightforward, swift DICOM image viewer compatible with Windows. Radiant app boasts a range of features like MPR, MIP, and image fusion, and allows for exporting images to various formats. Ideal for education and research, the RadiAnt software is purely a viewer without storage capabilities. The Radiant Dicom viewer is clear about its non-diagnostic intent but proves invaluable for students and residents studying medical images.

RadiAnt Dicom Viewer

3. Horos Dicom

Horos Logo

 Rating (4.6/5) from Apple:  

This is a free open-source Mac-based DICOM viewer, offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic techniques. Its plug-in for uploading images to Radiopedia enhances its educational value. While Horos App does not provide free PACS integration, yet cloud storage is available. While limited in its diagnostic application, the Horus software is perfect for learning and research. The Horos instruments feature enhances toolsets for detailed image analysis, making it a versatile choice for professionals and students alike.

Horos Dicom Viewer

4. MicroDicom dicom viewer

MicroDicom Logo

Rating (3.5/5) from Softpedia:    

MicroDicom viewer falls in the category of free dicom viewers and allows both viewing and processing of DICOM images. It supports structured reports and basic image functions but lacks advanced features like MPR. Its portability, being available as a zip file for Windows, enhances its versatility.

MicroDicom - Dicom Viewer presented by Medicai

5. Osirix DICOM viewer

Osirix DICOM Viewer Logo

Rating (4.1/5) from Capterra:    

OsiriX MD offers a cloud-based imaging solution for Mac users. It lets you view and analyze images with ease. You can look at images in 2D, 3D, or even 4D, and move through them smoothly. Osirix DICOM Viewer is quick because it uses multithreading. It also works well with PACS through the DICOM standard. Main features are marking images, using multiple screens, and having a photo library. Unfortunately, there is no Osirix for Windows currently.

Osirix - Dicom Viewer presented by Medicai

6. Sante DICOMdir Viewer Pro:

Santesoft Logo

Rating (3.3/5) from Softpedia:  

Sante Dicom Viewer is a Robust and user-friendly, this application functions as a mini-PACS server. The Santesoft Dicom Viewer offers batch-anonymizing and converting capabilities. The free version lasts 45 days, followed by a reasonable lifetime license fee.

Sante DICOMdir Viewer Pro - Dicom Viewer presented by Medicai

7. MiViewer:

Millensys Logo

 Rating (4.8/5) from Softpedia:  

A straightforward Windows-based viewer, MiViewer supports all DICOM file types but lacks advanced features and PACS integration found in its paid version.

Millensys - MiViewer - Dicom Viewer presented by Medicai

8. Onis Viewer:

Onis 3 Logo

Rating (4.2/5) from Softpedia:    

The Onis 2.5 free edition from is aimed at non-professionals, offers advanced features like MPR and MIP. It's limited to a small patient database but allows exporting images and annotations. Alternatively Onis Solutions launched Onis 3 which is available for purchase.

Onis 3 - Dicom Viewer presented by Medicai

9. PostDICOM

PostDICOM Logo

Rating (4/5) from Trusted Business Reviews:  

PostDICOM stands out with its cloud-based PACS, accessible from various devices. Compatible across multiple operating systems, it supports advanced image manipulation like 3D reconstruction. Its unique cloud PACS is ideal for researchers, offering seamless image processing and analysis. PostDICOM's free version includes many premium features, and its technical support enhances its user experience.

PostDICOM - Dicom Viewer presented by Medicai

10. Pro Surgical 3D:

Pro Surgical 3D Logo

Rating (5/5) on Facebook:   

Targeted at surgeons, Pro Surgical 3D by Stratovan, excels in surgical planning with high-quality 3D reconstruction. Its ability to anonymize patient details makes it suitable for research and presentations. Although it demands significant disk space and a modern Windows OS, its integrated support and access to a comprehensive image library make it a valuable tool.

Pro Surgical 3D - Dicom Viewer presented by Medicai

11. 3 DimViewer:

3 Dim Viewer Logo

Rating (5/5) from SourceForge:    

Ideal for beginners, 3Dim Viewer is a lightweight application supporting multiple operating systems. 3 Dim Dicom viewer offers multiplanar views and volume rendering but lacks image editing and exporting capabilities. The 3D DICOM viewer capability stands out, allowing detailed visualization and analysis of complex anatomical structures in three dimensions, enhancing diagnostic accuracy and educational value.

3DimViewer - Dicom Viewer presented by Medicai

12. DICOM Web Viewer:

DWV (Dicom Web Viewer) Logo-1

 Rating (4.2/5) from Google:    

Dicomweb viewer offers basic image manipulation and is accessible from any internet-enabled device. It requires some technical know-how but provides ample support through videos and guides.

DWV (DicomWebViewer) - Dicom Viewer presented by Medicai

13. Escape EMV:

Escape EMV Logo

 Rating (3.3/5) from Softpedia:    

A lightweight application, Escape EMV is suitable for basic DICOM image viewing. Escapetech offers anonymizing and exporting features but is limited in advanced functionality. Escape EMV is multilingual and offers a free trial with a license fee for commercial use.

EscapeEMV - Dicom Viewer presented by Medicai

14. JiveX DICOM Viewer:

JiveX (Visus) Logo

 Rating (4/5) from Softpedia:    

JiveX is mainly for educational and research activities. It supports various medical data types but lacks advanced image manipulation in its free version. It's perfect for improving workflow in a learning environment.

JiveX - Dicom Viewer presented by Medicai

15. Gingko CADx:

Ginkgo CADx Logo-1

Rating (4/5) from Softpedia:    

Compatible with multiple operating systems, Gingko CADx supports standard DICOM tools. Its Pro version includes more advanced features, catering to a wider range of medical needs. The Gingko app deserves special mention for its compatibility across Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Ginkgo CADx - Dicom Viewer presented by Medicai



Rating (4.7/5) from Apple:    

Imaios IDV Free DICOM Image Viewer is a user-friendly, web-based tool for viewing DICOM images without installations or uploads, ensuring data confidentiality. Features include drag-and-drop functionality, image adjustments, and basic measurements.

Imaios - Dicom Viewer presented by Medicai

17. 3DicomViewer

3Dicom Viewer logo

Rating (5/5) from Capterra:    

Singular Health's 3Dicom software, a versatile 3D DICOM viewer for Windows and Mac, transforms 2D medical images into 3D models in under 90 seconds—on your device for enhanced privacy. Designed with healthcare professionals in mind, it offers comprehensive analysis tools like multi-planar reconstruction, maintaining a consistent user experience across platforms.

3Dicom - Dicom Viewer presented by Medicai

18. MedDream by Softneta

MedDream Logo

Rating (4.4/5) from Capterra:    

MedDream DICOM Viewer, compatible with various PACS and cloud systems, offers quick, secure access to medical images and videos across devices. This web-based viewer requires no installation and emphasizes user privacy by processing data on-device. With FDA clearance for diagnostic use, MedDream supports a broad spectrum of imaging features, including 3D visualization and ECG analysis. Its integration flexibility makes it suitable for any medical setup, offering a practical solution for healthcare professionals.

MedDream - Dicom Viewer presented by Medicai

19. Exocad Viewer

Exocad - logo

Rating (4.9/5) from Softpedia:    

Exocad Dental CAD platform features an optional DICOM Viewer*, enabling the visualization of voxel CT data during dental restoration design. Experience rapid processing of large CBCT files, thanks to advanced data handling algorithms and fast graphics rendering. This DICOM Viewer sets the standard for quick DICOM loading and viewing. *Note: The DICOM Viewer is intended for design purposes, not for diagnostic/medical use.

Exocad - Dicom Viewer for dental presented by Medicai

20. IQ-View PRO

IQ-View PRO logo

Rating (4.2/5) from Informer Technologies:    

iQ-VIEW/PRO stands out for its simplicity and comprehensive features, making it ideal for physicians reading medical images. It boasts easy access to imaging tools and customizable toolbars for efficiency. Users can import images from various sources or export them for sharing, including via email or on portable media. Additionally, iQVIEW includes a basic reporting module for creating and managing reports. Its Study Browser organizes data neatly, and the software automatically loads relevant previous studies for comparison. Video iQ VIEW integrates smoothly with RIS, EMR, or HIS systems, offering add-ons for 3D processing, dictation, stitching, and image capture from multiple sources.

iQ-VIEW PRO - Dicom Viewer presented by Medicai

21. OHIF

OHIF logo

The OHIF viewer offers a high-performance, web-based app designed for radiology workflows, enhancing user experience with its customizable and extensible framework. It's a performance-focused tool supporting advanced visualizations like multi-modal image fusion and multi-planar reformatting. Experience fast processing with GPU-accelerated rendering and multi-threaded decoding. Access cases instantly from any modern browser, thanks to its web application nature and user-centered design prioritizing usability. As a free, open-source platform, OHIF thrives on community collaboration, offering reusable React components for tailored workflows. You can check the ohif github page here. It supports creating custom workflows through a plugin framework and ensures seamless integration with image archives via standard APIs like DICOMWeb and OpenID Connect.a wider range of medical needs.

OHIF - Dicom Viewer presented by Medicai

22. Opal Viewer lite

Opal logo

Opal-RAD Software transforms x-ray imaging with its efficient Opal viewer download, offering a user-friendly interface and powerful imaging tools. This scalable PACS solution, perfect for Opal viewer for Mac and other systems, enhances digital image management and archiving. With worldwide access, customizable views, and multi-monitor support, including 4k, it streamlines workflows at an affordable cost. The web-based platform and mobile version ensure easy access to patient studies and advanced imaging features, making it an indispensable tool for medical professionals seeking efficiency and high-quality imaging solutions.

Opal - Dicom Viewer presented by Medicai

FAQ & recap

In this article, we explored a variety of DICOM solutions, each with its unique features and benefits. From cloud-based platforms like OsiriX for Mac users to fast, efficient viewers like RadiAnt and Horos, we covered tools that cater to different needs in the medical imaging field.

There are of course many other options like: Weasis Dicom Viewer, Centricity Dicom Viewer, DMC-EZ Viewer, Conquest Dicom, Jack Image Viewer, NViewer Lite, EZDicom Web Viewer, PacsGear Viewer, Imagem 3D,

Whether you're a professional looking for advanced image analysis or a student needing educational resources, there's a DICOM viewer out there for you. These solutions simplify managing and analyzing medical images, making them accessible and user-friendly for everyone in healthcare.

What is a DICOM viewer?

A DICOM Viewer is a standalone software or a part of a larger system which opens medical images in the DICOM format.

Is there a free DICOM viewer?

There are many free DICOM viewers, but usually they are limited in functionality. In most cases for a seamless radiology workflow the DICOM viewer should be interconnected with other components like a PACS for example. Medicai is one of the few complete solutions, highly scalable and configurable in minutes in any environment.

How do I open a DICOM file?

You open a DICOM file by navigating to the file and select a DICOM Viewing app, if one is not already selected as default for this type of files.

What is the app that shows DICOM files?

To show the DICOM files themselves and their metadata you can use a DICOM browser (some of them also display thumbnails which cand be a helpful feature). To view the content of the files you need to open them with the viewer.

About the author - Andra Bria

Andra Bria is a marketing manager at Medicai. She is interested in health equity, patient experience and value-driven care pathways. She believes in interoperability and collaboration for a more connected healthcare industry.